Automatic Pop up Power Outlet 3 US Plug and 2 USB Ports for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room/Home Decoration-WHITE COLOR

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  • ▷All-Purpose Cable Management Box.🌟
  • ▷Safe, Heavy-Duty Design.🌟
  • ▷Compact, Lightweight and Discrete.🌟
  • ▷Easy to place, hide and manage.🌟
  • ▷Color: White.🌟
  • ▷Dimensions: 16” x 6.5” x 6.125”.🌟
  • ▷Includes Additional Cable Clip.🌟
  • ▷Pop up Power Outlet USB ▷ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Desk Cable Mangement

Automatic Pop up Power Outlet 3 US Plugs and 2 USB Ports for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room/Home Decoration

Home and Office Organization | Compact, Discrete and Safety
  • This is the perfect idea of helping you keep your counter tidy and clean, providing you an efficient workspace.
  • Attention: Please make the cables on the bottom straight before using.
  • It’s simple, just push and the power outlet will automatically raise up. When you are done with electronics, it can be fully retracted inside, remaining an elegant surface.
  • Whole structure and shell are made by aluminum alloy, the surface plate is plastic, more durable than the normal type of power strips, also looks fancy and elegant.
  • Easy to install, cut a 4’’ hole, remove the ring and slide the body from the top, screw the ring tight from the bottom, and done.
  • If you have an idea of installing it somewhere else, just do it.
  • The item can be installed both vertical and horizontal.
Automatic Pop up Power Outlet 3 US Plug and 2 USB Ports for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room/Home Decoration-WHITE COLOR

Organizer cable| Popup cable|Entertainment Center, USB, HDMI, AC, USB

  • Smart and Convenient Organizer – This cable box organizer hides power strips, cords, and surge protectors to improve safety and streamline desk for entertainment space.
  • Discrete Storage Design – Lightweight, compact, and easy to hide, you can place this cable box cover behind your computer desk, TV stand, or game console.
  • Multiple Box Outlets – Each box management system contains an expansive port selection for better support in all your connected and powered technology.
  • Includes Additional Cable Clip – Every cable organizer also comes with an all-purpose wall or desk cord holder that keeps five USB or power cords arranged.
  • Trusted Guarantee – These premium power cable management boxes come backed by unbeatable customer service and a satisfaction guarantee you can trust.

Product description

Length: Large

Hide power and charging cables with a discrete multipurpose storage box that manages cords behind your entertainment center or your home office desk.

The more technology you buy, the more cables you have to manage just to keep everything running smoothly. That’s why we created the Bins & Things Cable Management Box designed to organized USB charging cables, AC power adapters, lighting connectors, and your most important wires connected to your devices.

Compact, stylish, and easy to use, our cable storage boxes help save space, improve home or office safety, and conceal loose or bulky wires. A great addition to your home, office, or entertainment room, no worries about cables being kicked, left out because of pets or kids to find them, long-term durability issues.


  • All-Purpose Cable Management Box.
  • Safe, Heavy-Duty Design.
  • Compact, Lightweight and Discrete.
  • Easy to place, hide and manage.
  • Color: White.
  • Dimensions: 16” x 6.5” x 6.125”.
  • Includes Additional Cable Clip.

Keep your cords, wires, and cables neatly organized and hidden away with this premium cable management box made for home and office use.

Retractable Pop up Power, cable management box: AV, AC, USB, HDMI, electrical.

VALUE PACK: This value pack contains all the essentials you need to keep the room, desk or ground looking neat and uncluttered as you can organize and hide the cords and cables.

The perfect accessories to clean up messy electric cables.

 This makes sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible when you need them. Cable ties will secure and defined by six different color ties. 

Cable Management Box is also available in white color.

Electrical cable management system is made of 4 components:

  1. The cable box will provide enough flexible space for a surge protector and cables with two open ends.
  2. The flexible cable sleeve will safely secure and unify desk, TV, video game and computer wires will reduce the mess below your feet or behind your device. Our cable management sleeve is made with thick high-density waterproof neoprene material. Our sleeve features are black and white reversible colors so you can pick the color you want to match your room.
  3. The 4 pc. white cable clips provide easy access to the cables in the positions you require. No worries about searching for cables on the floor.
  4. The 6 pc. colored cable ties are reusable and keep all kinds of cords and cables well organized and tidy in place.

Suggested uses:

Computer cables, TV cables, mobile phone cables, video game cables, speaker cables, audio and video cables, USB cables, power cords, electric guitar cables, microphone cables and more.

A fantastic quality product from a great brand.

 Pop up Power Outlet

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