Conference room table with outlets: HDMI, AVbox, Pop up box, AC, VGA


Yolkvisual Conference Table/Tabletop Connectivity Box 2AC Power(US)+ 2 RJ 45 + 1 HDMI + 1 VGA + 1 USB , Sliver

Model YV SK4

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Conference room table with outlets: HDMI, AVbox, Pop up box, AC, VGA


  • This type product is suitable for a conferencing room, office desk, cabinet, ceiling, board, showing room, decoration of family, stage or other places,
  • which integrates power socket and the light current interface in the same product.It will be hidden under the desk,only occupies 9cm circle hole of the table.
  • The body of this product uses high-quality aluminum treatment
  • with anodizing. It is very bright and beautiful, wearable, easy to clean. All function keys can be connected by cable or flat cable.
  • Please press the upside of the socket, the cover will be popup more than 1.5cm, then you can pull the cover,
  • The function panel is shown when using it. Plugging it with each corresponding socket when the socket reaches a lower limit site.
  • The process is same as opening when you want to close.It is easy to operate.

Details of  the connectivity Box YV-SK4 – hidden box in table

  1. Various installation ways can be vertical fixed, horizontal fixed, handstand fixed.
  2. Hidden pulling design for the product.
  3. Simple to cut the hole, only to open in a circle hole of the table.
  4. To adopt the configuration combination, as power, telephone, network, audio, video, and other sockets can be chosen as customers’ needs;
  5. Light current part adopts interconnection, only need to let the socket plug the interface of this,it is hidden under the table, then the configuration can be used after this process.
  6. Outer cable including two types, one is with 1.5m extend wires, another is female to female interconnection modules. Interconnection type is without any cables, simple and safe, and easy to install.
  7. This Vertical Tabletop Power and Data Center is very easy to install to various desks with the thickness from 1/4″ to 3″drill hole 3 ½ in wood core bit or about 9 cm hole,
  8.  It has an adjustable locking ring which helps to fit various holes.
  9. The Power and Data Center has 2USA power outlets and 3 Cat6 RJ45 jacks,1 VGA and 1 HDMI port.

Specification of the Box Table

  • 2X US Plugs +3X RJ45 + HDMI +VGA ports
  • Desk Hole: 3 ½ in wood core bit or about 9 cm hole
  • Reliable electrical outlet with child-friendly pull up/down mechanism.
  • Easy to set-up in your home, office, meeting room, desk, wall and every other place you can imagine.
  • This well-built and sturdy unit is easily attached to the table or any flat surface and can be mounted in minutes
  • Customization is accepted.
  • Adding different interfaces for different requirements
  • Inclues Rj45,HDMI,VGA,etc

It is a great solution for Kichens, Offices, Dressing Rooms and conference rooms


About product

Model Number YV-SK4
Color Silver OR Black
Max.Current 16A
Max.Voltage 250V
Configuration 3*UK power,2*USB charger,with 1.5m UK pulg cables
Power sockets available Universal,European,USA,UK,Danish, Australia,South Africa,ect.
Modules available network,phone,USB,USB charging,HDMI,VGA,3.5Audio,AV group,6.35Mic,Canon,Video,ect.
Opening Size 9CM circle hole of table
Certificate CE,RoHS

Unidad: 15x5x5 inches Peso: 3lb


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm