Conference room table power box with HDMI, AC, VGA, USB


Conference Table Connectivity Box Power(US)+2USB charger+ 1USB(M/M) + 1 VGA + 1 HDMI + 2 RJ45(CAT6) + 1 Audio3.5mm, with 1.8M US pulg cables,other cables.

Conference room table box Mod. YV-550 – Yolkvisual Solutions

Unidad: 8x8x8 inches Peso: 5lb

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Conference room table power box with HDMI, AC, VGA, USB

Interconnect box integrates the box body and various interfaces to provide an orderly, simple and compact conference connection solution.

Series is of a cover-lift wire-pulling structure. Lifting it an inner plate of the panel and pulling out cable, it is ready for use; Put cables back into the box and close the inner plate, cables are concealed and the Interconnect box is flush to the table surface.

Product Features:

Connectivity Box Mod. YV-550 – Yolkvisual Solutions

  • It is designed with cover-lift, wire-pulling structure, containing up to 6 cables.
  • When used, simply pull out cable fro connection, easily and economically.
    With 1.7m cables.
  • Top surface available in brushed black o silver finishes


  • Table Thickness : Maximal 60mm, 125 mm ( to be connected to extend part)
  • Temp. range: 0 – 50°C ( Non-condensing)
  • Weight: About 2.5 Kg – 3Kg
  • Dimensions: Panel: 157mm*131mm R=16mm | Cutout: 148mm*122mm R=12mm | Package: 200mm*170mm*200mm


  • With Power, Six cable pass-through holes
    Cables can pull out and plug in the device directly
    Conference Table Power Outlet
    CCC Certificate Number: 2013010201596383
  • CE Certificate Number: VTUPV-269/2011ZAHR
  • ROHS Certificate Number: W02171017304C



  • The conference room table connection box provides inconspicuous access for one three-pin power supply and accommodates six passes through holes.
  • The interconnect box is a compact interconnect solution designed for installation into a table as part of a presentation system. It can be mounted into a table, podium, and stage to provide a way to connect audiovisual equipment on top of furniture to a presentation system under the furniture.
  • The interconnect box is ideal for office, boardrooms, classrooms, hotel rooms and large training facilities where multiple, distributed tabletop cable connections are needed.
  •  Is a cable well style box that houses your power and connections, all in a compact and stylish box.
  • Inside the box you will find 1 power, 2 charging USB ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 2 audio, and 2 RJ45 data connections.
  • All the connections on the back side are all female so you can easily run your cable into the back of the box and plug in, a single 9′ power cable comes out of the box.
  • There are also 4 empty keystone ports to add in your own connections if needed. The USB ports supply up to 3 amps of power to your mobile devices, they are smart charging ports so they will intelligently adjust the power to the device being plugged in, keeping your device safe and charged correctly
  • When not in use all you see in your table is the attractive black anodized aluminum top, when you lift the lid you can gain access to your connections.
  • There is an opening in the lid that allows you to close the lid with the cables still plugged in. The connections in the box can be set to your desired level.
  • You can keep them high in the box to plug in fast and easy, or low in the box for cable storage.
  • If desired you can keep the connections low and keep your cables plugged in so they never get lost.
  • The box is UL approved for the USA, and cUL approved for Canada installations.
  • The YV 550  is an affordable solution for your cable management needs in a gorgeous and functional box for your conference room or meeting room table.
  • The components in the cable well are already pre-installed saving valuable installation time.





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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm