On-surface Desktop Power Outlet / Av Box

  • Connectivity box Power Outlet.
  • Part n: YV-FK2.
  • Easy and fast installation with mounting system. Do not need to cut your table.
  • Clamp mount can be easily removed and installed somewhere else.
  • AV Box: 3 US Power outlets, 2 RJ45 Port 1 HDMI and 1 USB.
  • Input Voltage ▷110-220V/50HZ.
  • It is not water resistant.
  • On-surface Desktop Power Outlet / Av Box ▷ 2019


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$127.00 $197.00

On-surface Desktop Power Outlet / Av Box

Custom Made available ¡Super fast delivery!

Perfectly Practical

Sometimes, simple is simply the way to go. Available as on-desk options, we have you covered wherever you need power. Just check out our modern on-surface mounted units!

For people who look at the little details that generate great impact!

The Yolkvisual YV-FK2 On-Surface is so smooth… it’s positively seamless. With a modular faceplate construction and a simple block profile, YV-FK2 is charged with clean, modern energy. YV-FK2 mounts easily to the edge of your work surface, and is perfect for charging your desktop devices. YV-FK2. Looking for a custom made configuration? YV-FK2 is customizable to meet your connectivity needs! 

Extend power source within your reach, no more crawling under desk to find power strip on floor. It’s easy way to clear up your desk, and get all these cables in line.  With this on-surface connectivity box you will have all your power outlets, usb, hdmi and other av connectivity available at the palm of your hands.


  • Conference room
  • Office
  • Home desk
  • Hotels
  • Showrooms
  • Schools
  • More
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