Divisible rooms require flexibility to accommodate AV applications based on whether the room is divided or open (combined). The AV system solution needs to be easily configured for a single AV presentation, or two simultaneous but independent presentation sessions, with a simple means of switching back and forth between divided and open-room AV modes of operation.

The AV system design also needs to provide connectivity for presenter devices in each divided room. Additional AV functions may include content sharing to overflow rooms and video conferencing.


Networked AV provides the most flexible and straightforward approach to system design for a divisible room. A standard off-the-shelf, 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch serves as the heart of the system. Simple network connections to endpoint locations handle presenter and source device connections, the displays, a DSP, amplifiers for sound reinforcement, and cameras for video conferencing.

AV over IP system designs are very easily adaptable to large, multi-divisible rooms in universities, corporations, and convention centers. This is accomplished simply by increasing network switching capacity and specifying the appropriate quantity and type of endpoint devices.


Flexible AV over IP Solution

OmniStream™ Pro enables streamlined, modular system designs for divisible rooms. Integration is greatly simplified with AV routing and management over ubiquitous IP network infrastructure permitting flexibility and scalability as needs change.

Atlona’s Velocity™ control system brings a whole new approach to AV control, making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to specify and install.  Velocity’s ease of use enables anyone to get up and running or reconfigure AV equipment in divisible rooms and other spaces quickly and confidently.


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