Conference rooms are designed to cater to a wide variety of presenters and media from all over the world. Technology needs to operate simply and smoothly, so that the AV doesn’t overshadow sales presentations, new ideas, and collaboration that define business meetings.

Sources used in these rooms encompass a variety of types and formats including laptops, wireless devices, and web cameras, so the AV system must be extremely flexible.


The Atlona solution provides the modern conference room with the power to handle any type of situation easily and effortlessly.  From universal BYOD (bring your own device) compatibility to automatic input switching and display control capability, Atlona technologies excel at supporting enhanced collaboration.

The centerpiece of the room, the AT-UHD-SW-510W multi-format switcher, includes a wireless gateway and direct connections for Mac®, Chromebook™, and Windows® PCs, providing a universal connectivity solution for presentation devices in conference rooms of all sizes.


Wired + wireless AV for collaboration

The Atlona SW-510W has native wireless AV casting allowing multiple laptops and other devices to be connected and displayed – no app required.  Multiple outputs offer the flexibility for more than a single device to be displayed in the room.

A web camera, soundbar, and other USB peripheral can be connected and sent back to the SW-510W to integrate into your preferred video conferencing solution.

A moderator can switch between multiple presenters and the entire room can be automated via Atlona’s Velocity control system.


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