Types of connectivity boxes: How to know which one to choose?

We have many types of connectivity boxes, so we are known for the variety of our products. In addition, we stay tuned to modern trends to bring the newest in the market for our customers.

It has been found that the organization determines about 60% of the fluidity in any meeting. However, because of the large number of elements and connectors that are held in the conference rooms, it is difficult to maintain order. If this is your case you should know the types of connectivity boxes that exist.

The connectivity boxes have become important elements to improve the organization and fluidity in huddle rooms and conference rooms and, although their uses have become very popular in the business sector, they can also be acquired for domestic uses.

How do connectivity boxes work?

To understand what a connectivity box is, we can compare it with a panel with connectors. This is what determines its functions, since it will allow you to connect a large number of equipment in the same place simultaneously and in a comfortable way.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that the connectivity boxes offered by Yolkvisual seek to adapt to your needs. Well, its characteristics are related to the type of table, environment, or surface where it is installed. That is why we offer several types of connectivity boxes that are useful for each situation.

What are the functions of the connectivity boxes?

Our main functions are to offer a variety of connectors for the installation of different electronic equipment. So we offer a complete device that will allow the promotion of a professional and compact image of any type of space.

You can leave behind the days when a tangle of wires were scattered across the floor. These created an inadequate aspect. With a connectivity box you could also be sure of the visualization for any material in the middle of a meeting, you´ll always have the correct connector. We have connectors from the most modern, to some more classic and old.

Learn about our available multi-contact types

If you want to buy a connectivity box for your office, home, or company, then you are making an excellent investment. Well, you will be acquiring a modern, professional, and extremely efficient device.

For this reason we reveal the variety in models of connectivity that we have in Yolkvisual:

#1. Description of Cable Management box Model YV-550

This type of connectivity box it is ideal to install in huddle rooms due to its discreet and compact characteristics. Its proportions are ideal to have a device that does not occupy a lot of space. In addition, it has a cover that allows you to hide its contents.

Types of connectivity boxes YV 505

What are the available connectors for this device?

  • 2 USB ports.
  • VGA
  • HDMI ports.
  • 2 RJ45 (CAT 6)
  • 1 Audio 3.5 mm

Best of all, you can customize this equipment with the connectors you need. You only have to request it in our specialized page.

Is this type of multi-contact ideal for you?

  1. The model YV 550 is extremely complete and efficient to develop functions as a connectivity panel.
  2. Although it has the capacity to connect different devices, it has a system of regulation for electrical intensity. With this it preserves the quality of its devices and the multi-contacts.
  3. Despite the number of outlets, this model is extremely discreet and organized.
  4. You will get a greater focus on the flow of your meetings and conferences. Promoting order, and availability at all
  5. Our models allow reducing the level of consumption for devices that are in Stand-by.

Therefore, if you want to acquire efficient, professional, complete, and totally discreet connectivity boxes models, the YV 505 is ideal for you.

#2. Connectivity boxes  IN Surface – Model YV 205

Yolkvisual also has connectivity boxes that do not require an installation. This is favorable for those who wish to take their connectivity boxes with them, and who do not intend to alter the state of their conference tables.

The model YV 205 will be strategically located into the conference room table, it won´t occupy a lot of space and will maintain the comfort during the meetings.

With this electronic device your employees and partners can access to a variety of connectors very easy.

Some of the included connectors are: RJ45, HDMI, VGA, USB, and many more, everything depends on your needs.

Other details of the YV205 model:

  • Conference Table Top Connectivity Box Black color with and Brushed elegant finish
  • 2 AC Power US Type, 2 RJ45, 1 VGA, 2 HDMI, 1 USB, Black
  • Special configuration upon request
  • Cut out size: 10×4.6inch
  • Material: Aluminium

Is this connectivity box model the right for you?

If you want to have types of connectivity boxes that are elegant and robuts at the same time, there is no doubt that it will serve you very well.

#3. Connectivity panel – Model YV SK4

These types of connectivity boxes has a peculiarity and is that it has a bar shape. Its aesthetic appearance gives much to talk about, because its colors are sober, uniform, and bright. It is ideal to have at home, offices, conference rooms, or showroom, because it is practical and ergonomic at the level of functions. It can be embedded in the conference tables, occupying very little space.

Types of connectivity boxes YV SK4

On the other hand, their connection spaces can be hidden, and exposed only when they are used. An important factor to highlight is that this model includes a set of accessories (port) of various characteristics. The following stand out: VGA port, USD port, HDMI and even an RJ45 port.

 Is this the ideal connectivity box model for you?

The YV SK4 connectivity an be placed in different ways, although we recommend its vertical placement. In general it offers a lot of comfort in its installation, which is why it is also suitable for domestic use.

On the other hand, some of its connectors are the following:

  1. AC outlet.
  2. VGA
  3. Audio Jack.
  4. HDMI
  5. USB (includes more than one).
  6. RJ45.

As you can see, this type of connectivity boxes is quite complete within its functions. It is quite practical and simple to use, install and save.

Also, the most outstanding is its modest price; you can buy the YV SK4 connectivity panel for a very competitive price in the market.

Remember that in addition, you can request a customization process.

Have you decided? We have variety in types of connectivity boxes ideal for you!

Yolkvisual is a company that has positioned itself as one of the best stores of devices like these. Functional tools that seek to facilitate various situations without having to occupy much space.

In general, the types of connectivity boxes are quite easy to install and use, but we always give way to variety.

That is why you can buy models like the ones we have to offer, which can be installed or not, in your conference tables.

And, which can also be adjusted depending on what you are requesting for the moment. DO NOT miss any of the types of connectivity boxes we have to offer, and more importantly, take advantage of our excellent prices.

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