Countertop Pop Up Outlets

⊕ Kitchen Power Pop Ups Hidden Countertop Pop Up Outlet Receptacles

⊕ Kitchen Power Pop Ups Hidden Countertop Pop Up Outlet Receptacles ⊕

Countertop Pop Up Outlets ✅ This conference room table power box has 3 X AC power outlet and 2 X USB charging ports, widely used in kitchen/office/counter/conference room.✅

  • The structure is made of plastic. A built-in surge protector can protect your home and office electrical from any kind of electrical damage.✅
  • The fuse will automatically shut down if a certain power absorption is reached. No more potential electrical fire.✅
  • Drill a hole size about 3.5’’(9cm), slide it into the hole, screw the ring up from the bottom and DONE. Pay attention, do not install around a sink, it can retract but is not waterproof.✅
  • Out of sight when you do not need it.✅
  • An elegant silver surface on your desk, providing you a clean tidy and efficient workspace.
  • This is the regular model. Please contact us if you need a custom-made outlet, we can provide US plug, USB, RJ45, HDMI, VGA port, etc.✅

Countertop Pop Up Outlets

✅ Power plug electrical outlet ✅

  • This well-built and sturdy unit is easily attached to the table or any flat surface and can be mounted in minutes.
  • With 3 plug sockets and 2 x USB charger points, this unit enables you to connect up to three mains ✅powered units side by side, so you can add extra power sockets without the hassle.✅
  • Two USB ports integrated to charge the latest USB devices.✅
  • No need to access the fuse under the plinth if it needs changing, as the fuse is built into the model below the on/off switch.✅
  • An elegant system to put plug sockets, out of sight when they’re not in use.✅
  • No more plug sockets on the walls just a flat clean tiled surface. It provides a tidy, neat and efficient workspace.
  • It is a great solution for Kitchens, Offices, Dressing Rooms and conference rooms.✅
  • Adding different interfaces for different requirements, Inclues Rj45, HDMI, VGA, etc.✅

✅ Countertop Pop Up Outlets ✅


  • This connectivity box is the perfect idea that helps you keep your desk neat and clean, providing you with an efficient workspace.✅
  • Attention: Please make the cables on the bottom straight before using. Simply push, power outlet will automatically rise.✅
  • When you finish with the electronics, you can retract completely inside, staying as an elegant surface.✅
  • The whole structure and the housing are made of aluminum alloy, the surface plate is made of plastic, it is more durable than the normal current strip types and also looks elegant.✅
  • This connectivity box is easy to install, cut a 4 “hole, remove the ring and slide the body from the top, screw the ring tight from the bottom.✅
  • If you have an idea to install it anywhere else, just do it. The item can be installed both vertically and horizontally.✅
  • You can make personalization of your product.✅
  • All types of ports as you wish.✅
  • cable management box.✅

✅ Specifications ✅

  • A liquid test specifically designed for kitchens, laboratories, doctors’ offices, offices, tables, and meeting rooms.
  • The rubber ring around the top works like a seal.✅
  • Power plug electrical outlet.✅

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