Connectivity Boxes Conference Tables

The Best Connectivity Boxes For Conference Room Tables

Connectivity Boxes Conference Tables

Connectivity Boxes Conference Tables If you are part of a company or belong to an enthusiastic teamwork that wants the best in technology, keep reading this article.

Nowadays technology has not stopped surprising us with its advances and many devices that make our days easier and more dynamic.

In this opportunity we will focus our attention on this wonderful invention. The new connectivitybox for conference rooms has been on the lips of all the last few months, above all the most recognized speakers who have chosen to use it due to its easy handling.

The design of the connectivity box is perfect and confortable to install it in a table or desk, it also allows the integration to a video device, mini display port, HDMI, etc., to a screen or projector.

Its delicate functionality allows the cables to be hidden under the surface of the table or podium, thus ensuring comfort and a good visibility to the audience.

Its functions and characteristics vary depending on the model, so in this article we will discuss the definition, features, uses and types of this useful and classy device.

What is a Connectivity Box?

The connectivity box is a device designed to provide connectivity and access to HDMI ports, DisplayPort, as well as USB charging in conference rooms, offices and classrooms. One of the most outstanding features of this tool is the connection to projectors or other video equipment.

The connectivity box is ideal for lecturers and presenters who want to expose their topics in conference rooms, because it’s very easy and quick sharing the contents of their laptops on the large screen or projector in the room, with the appropriate image resolution.

This connectivity box allows attendees to meetings or conferences to recharge their Android cell phones, iPhone, and iPad, among others, due to its several USB ports.

In addition, this cable management box includes an Ethernet pass-through port that allows secure network connectivity through cable, in the case of rooms where wireless connectivity is not available.

The connectivity box for meeting rooms have different designs, made with materials such as aluminum, wood, etc., which give a new look to the atmosphere of the room.

The discreet panel keeps cables out of sight, since the connection ports are kept hidden when they are not used, it is also known as cable management box,  as it was mentioned above. Now that we have given a summary of its definition we will see some features and three models of this new device.

Features of the Connectivity Box

It is amazing how technology has developed over the years. Not only the connectivity box has been a significant breakthrough but several devices that have improved the way we perform our routine, work or any daily activity we do. Coming back to the main topic, the connectivity boxwe have already seen some of its features so far, in this section we will know more details about it, keep reading.

  • The connectivity box collaborates easily, thanks to the connectivity of your laptop equipped with HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort to the HDMI screen of your boardroom or conference room, through a single access point.
  • Charges your tablet or smartphone through accessible USB charging ports.
  • The connectivity box adds style to your boardroom or auditorium, thanks to the integrated features on a table, with a pop-up panel that keeps ports hidden when they are not in use.
  • Enjoys network connectivity in your boardroom securely, via cable, with the Ethernet pass-through port.
  • The connectivity box quickly switches between the shared laptop screens, thanks to the automatic exchange.

Different Types of Connectivity Boxes.

Now I’m going to show you the three most popular connectivity box models in the market. At the end of each description you will find a link to place your order to getthis excellent tool.

  1.   Motorized Conference Table Connectivity Box YV-MF:

The motorized conference table connectivity box is a table box solution designed for installation into a table as a presentation system. It can be mounted on a table, podium and stage to provide a way to connecting audiovisual equipment on top of furniture to a presentation system under it. Click here and purchase!

  1.   On-Surface Connectivity boxes YV-FK2:

YV-FK2 On-Surface is smooth and comfy. With a modular faceplate construction and a simple block profile, this connectivity box is charged with clean, modern energy, it perfectly mounts easily to theedge of your work surface, and it is ideal for charging your desktop devices. Click here to see more about this item.

  1.   Tabletop Connectivity box YV-205:

This connectivity box offers stylish integration in your modern boardroom or classroom with a discrete hideaway panel. For added convenience it features to replaceable modules for you to have what you need where you need when you need it. HDMI, VGA, USB Type C, USB Data, AC Power, Audio Mini Plug, Canon Audio, RJ45, RJ11 and more. If you want to know more click here!

Connectivity Boxes Conference Tables

Amazing, isn’t it? As a summary, the connectivity box is just a sample of how incredible technology can be. Every day we see how the different leading companies in this area launch almost every week new devices more developed than others, it is actually a competition that never ends.

This is a very useful and complete tool, which organizes and gives a touch of style and elegance the way we used to see the countless cables connected to sources of power, which made it difficult for the speakers to control their steps.

The connectivity box, as we have described it on this blog so far, has a large number of features and components that complement it, making it just one thing into a whole. There are already many professionals, managers, lecturers, among others, who are already using this wonderful device.

Its different designs have given a customized touch to the tables and desks that hide this great device inside, having good comments and receptivity from the audience and the participants of the events and conferences who could see the handling and use of this tool. Ready to purchase yours?

 Boxes For Conference Room Tables

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