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Connection boxes desktop connectivity – Much has been said about working environments, how they are or should be in relation to various variables, such as the division of tasks, design, socialization, even feng shui. But, at present, there is an element that has become an imperative, given our current dependence on new communication and information technologies for work: interconnectivity. 🔥 ‎

According to an old joke, you do not have to know all the answers, but have the phone of the one who knows them. Something like this happens now: to have all the solutions, you have to be connected with those who have them. Hence, having an interconnected office, moreover, being interconnected from our work spaces, from our desk, has become a priority for the current company – Connection boxes desktop connectivity. 🔥 ‎

Thus, the equipment and devices that enable such interconnection, including connection boxes and connectivity panels, are important to stay afloat in this competitive world. 🔥 ‎

In this article we will discuss the connection boxes and connectivity panels required by the company to keep their offices up to date with technology, we will know some connection boxes and connectivity panels that allow us to modernize our office furniture, with the latest in connectivity technology – Connection boxes desktop connectivity. 🔥 ‎

Connectivity technology.

It can happen in a large company, where not all the group is always in the same place; It can happen with an expert on a topic, who is providing training or giving advice at a distance; it can happen with someone from another company with whom a business is maintained … at a given moment we will need sound and video projection equipment, as well as a space where we can be, meet and interact with those who are present and those who They are at a distance. 🔥 ‎

Even, it’s not just the meeting room, where we all look at each other’s faces and share a presentation, but rather that all the contents of interest to all can be shared, from any space, through any device, anywhere and moment. Thus, the modern office must have a provision, as well as furniture and equipment according to the needs of interconnectivity, both physical and face-to-face (with those who work in the same company), as the interconnectivity at a distance (with which They are outside).

Therefore, a modern desk, in addition to an ergonomic and comfortable design, is a desk connected to the company and the outside world. And between the equipment and devices that are used to achieve this interconnectivity, there are connection boxes or connectivity panels.

Connection boxes or connectivity panels: what they are and what they are for.

Perhaps not all people know what connection boxes and connectivity panels are and what they are for. We will begin by saying that both terms can be used interchangeably. The connectivity boxes are an integrated set of connectors (different ports) in a single device, from audio and video (VGA, HDMI) to USB, Ethernet, among others. 🔥 ‎

This allows different tasks to be carried out more easily and in less time. It even makes possible the realization, since it often happens that not having the proper connection or cable, can become an obstacle to carry out a planned activity. And it is that in the business world it may be necessary to connect, at the same time, several audiovisual devices needed in a conference room or in a meeting room, so it is required to have all kinds of connectors, preferably together, in connectivity panels. So the tables in the conference room should always have a connection box.

Even in the home these junction boxes are useful, since at home they also have different equipment. The best thing about these connectivity boxes is that they not only make it possible to connect all the equipment, but they simplify the work, solving the problem of having a pile of cables, which produces a bad appearance. With a connection box you can connect through any device and view any material, in the middle of a meeting or work session, because you will always have the correct connector.

Variety of connection boxes.

The models of connectivity panels may vary, depending on the type and number of connectors that are available. Let’s see some models:

  • Connection box Model YV 205: this connectivity box has the advantage that it does not require a specialized technical service for its installation, but that the customer can buy and take it. This gives additional advantages, such as being able to use it where required, without having to modify or alter office furniture.
  • Connection panel Model YV 205. Measures 10 × 4.6 inches. It is elegant, does not take up much space and can be strategically placed on the table in the conference room. It has two types of alternating current power. Includes connectors: RJ45, HDMI, VGA, USB, among others.
  • Connectivity box for conference table YV-105S: it is ideal for this conference table, talks and high level meetings. It is super compact. It has two types of alternating current power. It includes the following connectors: HDMI (1), RJ45 (2), USB (1).

Connectivity box for conference table YV-210B: has 4 types of AC power; includes connections: RJ45 (4), VGA (2), HDMI (4), USB (2). It measures 257mmx166mm (10.11”x6.54 ‘).

Connectivity panels for the modern desk.

And these are just some models of connectivity boxes; There are a wide variety of types and designs in these solutions for the modern office. It is appropriate to point out that the junction boxes can be installed integrating them in desks, conference tables or podiums, in order to be at the same level of the surface, thus hiding their presence and avoiding interfering with the tasks performed – Connection boxes desktop connectivity.

Of course, this requires a more specialized work and some technical experience, with a view to achieving a good finish, reducing irregularities on the surface and preventing unwanted damage to both the furniture and the junction box. However, when the installation work of the connectivity panel is finished, the connectors are perfectly integrated, and we will have a completely ergonomic and modern furniture, totally interconnected.

Although there are also models of connectivity panels that do not require any additional work: they are only placed on or under the table or desk, not needing the same of any kind of modifications –
Connection boxes desktop connectivity.

Connection boxes and connectivity panels: the interconnectivity solution.

How many times has it happened to us that we can not start an activity because we do not have the connection, the cable is missing, this cable can not connect to this device because the socket is different? The boxes of connectivity are precisely so that we do not have to be pulling our hair when these things happen and, even less, that we have to make a drastic decision, such as suspending the conference or meeting, which would allow us to see it as a company that works disorganized way.

With a connection box, all you have to worry about is the message and its presentation, and not the connection of the devices. In addition, with a connection box we do not have to be wasting time, recording or transferring data from one device to another. This way we save time, we start punctually and we make that good impression we want, so decisive in business – Connection boxes desktop connectivity.

Best of all, if the connectivity box does not have everything you need, in terms of connections, it can be customized, depending on the equipment and needs you have: USB, Ethernet, audio, HDMI and VGA ports. To clarify these and other questions, you can visit the Yolk Visual page –
Connection boxes desktop connectivity.

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