characteristics of the connectivity boxes

▷ Characteristics of the connectivity boxes: Questions and answers.

Characteristics of the connectivity boxes ▷ Not everyone is familiar with the characteristics of the connectivity boxes and therefore they need some information to better understand its usefulness. Connectivity boxes are very effective tools in different areas. Some of them allow a wide variety of applications in the business world and even in the domestic environment.

Connectivity boxes are an integrated set of connectors in a single device. Having so many connectors together makes it possible to perform several tasks more easily. In the business world, you can connect many necessary audiovisual devices in a conference room or huddle room. Even at home it could be very useful if you have different equipment.

However, before you start to take advantage of its benefits you should know some of the particular characteristics of the connectivity boxes.

What are the best characteristics of the connectivity boxes?

Although they have many advantages, there are some that surpass the rest. To begin with, there is the possibility of getting rid of a large tangle of cables which produces a bad appearance.

There is also the possibility of connecting all types of devices that work with different ports. From traditional audio and video ports to VGA and HDMI. There is also the option to include USB, Ethernet ports and AC outlets.

With all these options it will always be possible to visualize any content during important meetings or conferences. Therefore they are fundamental tools in the current business world.

Characteristics of the connectivity boxes
Characteristics of the connectivity boxes .

Do the connectivity boxes favor the “bring your own device” trend?

Nowadays every businessman has different audiovisual devices. It can be a modern smartphone, a notebook or a tablet. All these devices have valuable information to be shared in a conference room or a huddle room.

That’s why one of the best features of connectivity boxes is their ability to allow the ” bring your own device ” policy. Thus everything can be reproduced for the members of the meeting through the main TV or the projector. Get worry about the message of your presentation not about the connection for your devices.

Is it very difficult to install a connectivity box?

While it is true that there are some models that must be installed by specialized personnel, there are also some that do not require any work.

Some connectivity box models can be placed on top or under a table or desk. It is very easy to install them since no modification is needed on the furniture.

Generally these are simpler models for less demanding users. Although they do not hide so well, their aesthetic appearance is refined and does not alter the vision of our spaces. In fact, its design is usually sober to adapt to different decorations.

Its functionality is also not diminished by that. Therefore, the fundamental characteristics of connectivity boxes are still present.

Characteristics of the connectivity boxes
Characteristics of the connectivity boxes .

Can we hide a multi-contact on furniture?

Some models of connectivity boxes complement the furniture very well, even integrate it. These are models that are completely hidden and disguise their presence as part of a table or a podium.

Generally its installation requires more work. But the advantage is that when this set of connectors is finished it is very ergonomic. It does not interfere in any way with the work spaces and they remain almost completely hidden. Undoubtedly, this is the solution for the most professional users.

Are the connectivity boxes safe?

Some people have concerns about safety when connecting so many devices in a single device. Some believe that a short circuit can occur or that there is even a risk of electrocution.

However, this is not true. After all, modern connectivity boxes include several improvements designed to avoid any possible accident and preserve the life of the equipment.

Some of these improvements can be requested when you customize a multi-contact and others are included constantly. Among them is the technology of gfci outlets and Surge protectors.

Thus your equipment will maintain your life expectancy even if you live in an area with poor electrical supply. Also it will keep you protected from any electrical current when handling the device.

In fact, it is estimated that connectivity boxes can prevent terrible personal accidents and even fires. Therefore they are a mandatory solution for anyone who needs multiple simultaneous AC outlets.

Characteristics of the connectivity boxes
Characteristics of the connectivity boxes

Are the connectivity boxes very expensive?

Though some connectivity boxes relate to the prestige of the business world, these are not expensive. In fact, there are models to fit all budgets.

At Yolkvisual we have a wide range of options in our catalog. We are prepared to provide solutions in different price ranges for the satisfaction of our customers.

Can the connectivity boxes be customized?

Each client has different needs. That’s why when choosing a connectivity box you should look for a customizable model.

With a customizable model you can request only what you need. Choose from a wide range of connectors including power outlets, USB, HDMI, VGA, RJ45 ports and much more.

In Yolkvisual we have different models prepared taking into account this characteristic. Just visit our personalization page and choose the model that best suits you. Our form will guide you in the selection process to get the best results.

Are connectivity boxes useful for the home?

Although many connect the connectivity boxes with the conference rooms, there are also models adapted for domestic customers. For example, if you have a home theater system you will benefit a lot from having a connectivity box to integrate all the elements in an elegant way.

In addition, a connectivity box can provide other solutions. For example as a means for network connections at home if you do not want to use Wi-Fi. It would even help us to quickly charge a smartphone or connect it to other devices.

Are the power outlets for any country?

Yes, in fact you can choose the outlet model you need. You can connect any device and even decide if you need a voltage of 110v or 220v.

In some cases you can simply opt for an international outlet to fit all the designs. So you will no longer have to have conflicts with your imported devices or buy expensive converts.

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