best camera for your conference room

How to choose the best camera for your conference room?

best camera for your conference room Choosing the best camera for your conference room is never an easy process. There are a huge number of variables that you must analyze before making the best decision. That is why we have created this guide with the purpose of guiding you towards some of the best options.

Why do you need the best camera for your conference room?

We must understand that a camera is a necessary device if we are going to have meetings with far away people. If you want to send your message correctly then you need a camera to register your facial gestures. Likewise you need to show your body language and send the audio without distortion.

It is not complex to meet these requirements if only one person is recorded. But in a meeting it is necessary to be able to observe everyone with the same quality. Otherwise, effective communication will be difficult and productivity could be lost.

So the best camera for your conference room is one that fits well with the number of people and the size of the place.

What details do you need to take into account when choosing a camera?

Each conference room is a unique space which is prepared for personal needs. However, there are several points in common that must be verified when choosing a camera.

For example, if there is a round table in the room, then a camera in the center of the table with 360 ° vision may be better. However a smaller table or a long table could benefit from a camera on top of the TV.

Resolution is also a key factor. It is necessary to verify that all the members of the meeting can be correctly reflected no matter how far they are from the camera, for that it is better a higher resolution. Likewise, this will give a better image for the receiver of the message and could even favor his opinion.

However, we must ensure that the TV is able to reproducing a higher resolution and we need a Bandwidth Internet connection to send large volumes of information without delay. But you need to consider that a camera with a very high resolution can be expensive.

Is it better a conference room camera with a microphone?.

Certainly audio is the centerpiece of any conference or meeting. Because of this, quality microphones are essential, but placing professional microphones in the whole room may not be the best option for everyone.

After all, some external microphones could be an additional expense. In addition, its installation is usually complicated and requires more implements. For all this, the best camera for your conference room should have built-in microphones. Although you should make sure that the range of the microphones reaches the entire conference room or huddle room.

Best camera models for conference rooms.

In the market there are many options when it comes to supplying audio and video in conference rooms. However we have developed a list with some very solid devices. Surely the best camera for your conference room is on this list:

ConferenceCam Connect.

We start this list with a camera for less demanding users. This is the ideal option for small businesses and it is probably enough if you have a reduced conference room or a huddle room. In addition, its price ($ 499.99) makes it an attractive option for small budgets.

This is an option of the Logitech Company that is offered as an all-in-one camera. After all, it has microphones and speakers.

This camera has a capacity to record video in 1080p HD. This resolution is more than enough for most users. Likewise, the quality of the video is perfect in an environment with sufficient lighting.

The focus is not a problem since it can be changed manually with a remote control, so we can focus anywhere in its field of vision (90 °).

In addition, its installation is easy to perform and can be easily adapted to any surface under the TV.

However, it is not the best option for a large room. After all, it only has 2 microphones with a pickup range of 6 feet.

Meetup ConferenceCam.

This is another Logitech option but this time it is focused on users with greater needs. However, it does not increase too much in price ($ 899), thus offering an excellent price / benefit ratio.

It is a camera with 4K HD resolution that allows you to record videos with extreme quality to impress any potential client or business partner.

Its installation is easy like the previous model since it can be located under the TV. It also has built-in microphones and speakers. However, unlike the ConferenceCam Connect this model has 3 microphones with a pickup range of 8 feet . In this way it can be the solution for conference rooms with a somewhat larger size.

Not only that, his field of vision has also been extended to 120° so you can see almost anything that is in front of it. For this it also uses a manual focus system with remote control and even offers the possibility of fixing 3 presets locations.

best camera for your conference room
best camera for your conference room.

HuddleCam HD 3X Wide.

If you already have a powerful audio system in your conference room, it is best to invest more in the video component. This is a real necessity if you have a very large conference room with several users that need to be focused.

The best camera for your conference room in this situation is one that obtains several preset points and an adequate Zoom. That’s what the HuddleCam offers.

It is not a model with built- in microphones (like the rest of the list). However, this makes up for it with a powerful 3X optical zoom and that’s not all, it also has 64 pre-set focus locations. This way you can switch to a large number of views manually or remotely.

It has a 90° field of view (enough for most situations) and it can record at 1080p HD. Its installation is simple and it is located above or below the TV. Its price is also very competitive ($ 899).

Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station.

If you are a very demanding user surely the best camera for your conference room is one that includes all the latest technology. That’s what Polycom offers with this model.

We have no doubt that this is an option for customers with a larger budget with a price of $6499. However, this is a low price if we consider everything we can get with it.

It is not just a camera but a complete workstation.  It includes a computer, 3 microphones and speakers that are located in the center of the conference table.  The range of the microphones is 20 feet which can cover large spaces.

This model is have a 360 ° visual field so you can observe every corner of the conference room with it. Also you can forget about having to change the focus manually. After all, the camera does it automatically.

Its innovative system allows you to change the direction to automatically focus on people when they speak. So you can always capture the important details and ensure great communication.

It is also prepared to work with Lync and Skype for business natively. Undoubtedly with this model you will surprise everyone and show them that your organization is the most professional.

best camera for your conference room
best camera for your conference room.

Meeting Owl.

While the Unified Conference Station is a pretty complete option, its price probably drives away most users. If you want a fairly efficient model with a considerably lower price perhaps the best camera for your conference room is the Meeting Owl.

The Meeting Owl combines a set of 8 microphones to obtain high quality sound in a range of 12 feet. With this scope it could satisfy the majority of users.

This is combined with a camera with a 360 ° field of view which can also focus on people as they speak.

Not only this, but it is enabled to receive updates by Wi-Fi and It is also compatible with all web-based video conferencing software.

You can get all this for a very low price of only $799. Perhaps its only weak point compared to other cameras in this price range is its 720p HD. This may seem little, especially if it is necessary to focus on people who are a far from the camera, although it is not a problem that avoids its great versatility, this video quality is also very acceptable in most cases.

Undoubtedly it is a very solid option to obtain the position of the best camera for your conference room. However, in the end the decision is made based on your needs and your budget.

best camera for your conference room
best camera for your conference room.
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