Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

Connectivity boxes can be very useful accessories. They allow to maintain an impeccable aesthetics when multiple audiovisual devices are connected. Likewise, such devices are necessary in the current business world for better productivity in conferences. So conference room tables should always have one.

Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

What is a cable management box?

Connectivity boxes are indispensable accessories in any conference room. This is about a set of integrated elements in a single space, which are installed in the tables providing multiple connectivity and power options.

They are a tool designed for new work environments. Since the emphasis is on the strategy “bring your own device. That’s why there are different options that make your life easier so you can have all the tools available in a meeting or presentation.

What is the importance of having a connectivity box?

What is the most important thing in any huddle room? Undoubtedly, the most important is to allow people to deliver their messages without interruptions. Also the only concern you should have is to discuss important issues. So it is vital to get connected to audiovisual devices quickly. However this can be a challenge with the variability in the market.

Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

Therefore, if you want to avoid this problem, you should use connectivity boxes. Thanks to them, your conference room will be equipped with the technology “bring your own device“. In fact, in a few steps you can share important documents and files.

It is normal to keep many things on your devices, no matter if it is a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. So if you want to share them with others, you need a solution to connect quickly and improve productivity. Without wasting your time looking for an adapter or sending files to another device.

With a connectivity box you can use an impressive TV without having to fight with hundreds of cables. Likewise, power outlets for your laptop or smartphone will be available. No doubt your guests are going to be very happy with that.

The best thing is that you will enjoy all this along with a better appearance in the environment. Since the connectivity boxes are hidden in the furniture and provide a sense of professionalism.

Types and technologies of connectivity boxes

Perhaps you believe that is unnecessary an investment in connectivity boxes. But can you imagine the problems you may have without them? The benefits just outweigh by far the costs of acquiring one.

The solution you are looking for is very close. After all we have developed connectivity boxes with different characteristics.

In surface connectivity boxes:

We have a wide variety of devices with this kind of design. Those are solutions that are installed to be at the same level with the table´s surface, disguising their presence in that way. Each of them has a stylized and minimalist appearance. They are perfect if you want to integrate them in desks, conference tables or podiums.

Of course, achieving these finishes requires more work and technical expertise. In this way irregularities or unwanted damages to the surfaces are avoided. But after this process you will get the best, since the surface systems can be hidden and are neater.

Among our best options of this type we can find:

YV-205YV-MFYV-550 | YV-210YV-105

 On surface connectivity boxes

Although in surface solutions are very stylized, sometimes it is better to use simpler options. That’s why we also have connectivity boxes that can be located both above and below desktops.

They are perfect for less demanding jobs. Of course, its placement is simpler too. For that reason, we offer connectivity boxes that meet your requirements. Among our best proposals are:

YV-FK2 :

The Yolkvisual Desktop socket has 3 power outlets. It also has two USB ports and an HDMI connection. However, it can be customized if you want it.

Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

You can choose from a wide range of power connectors according to the standards of each country. It is also possible to change the other functions by VGA, by power outlets, HDMI, voice and data, audio plugs, USB type c, and more. Also the color can be varied.

YV-802 B:

This is a new model which is ready to surprise our customers for its simplicity. It includes power outlets and optional ports to choose from HDMI, VGA, RJ45, RJ11 and more. 

Benefit your huddle room with Connectivity boxes

Do you want to customize it? Then go to our custom made page

Both of them are perfect options if you need to put several connectivity boxes along a large conference table.

Choose a desired model!

It does not matter which option you choose. You can always get a customized result according to your needs. At Yolkvisual we are experts in improving the results to give you exactly what you want. For this you only need to follow 3 very simple steps:

Choose the model:

On our page you will find a wide range of models that fit your needs. Check our extensive catalog and you will discover a model that suits you. You can also select an appropriate color from our list.

 Choose the type of connectors:

This decision depends on the equipment you have. Many customers choose USB ports. Other common requests are connections for Ethernet, audio plugs, HDMI and VGA ports.

Place your order and make the final adjustments:

Now you have decided what you need, so just send your request to attend you with pleasure. If you have questions, our customer service staff will guide you to choose correctly. Likewise your data will be requested for the shipment.

Once you follow these steps you only have to wait between 2 to 5 business days to receive your package.

With so many options to customize your order, your satisfaction is assured. We have years of experience in this business during which we have gained the approval of hundreds of clients. Do not miss the opportunity to become a happy user of connectivity boxes. Contact us today to offer you the best offers.

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