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How does it work

1. Add the link of your campaign to your blog or website.

2. Your users click on the banner or link

3. Your users buy from Yolkvisual Store

4. You automatically receive a commission.

Frequent questions

[cq_vc_accordion contentcolor=”#333333″][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”JOIN THE PROGRAM”]By filling out the registration form and after acceptance, you will become an affiliate and are bound by the terms of this agreement. Your participation in the program is exclusively for the following purpose: to legally announce our website and receive a commission on products purchased by individuals re-directed from your website.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”COMMISSIONS”]The following fees will be awarded in relation to the category of the products within the shopping cart taking into account if it is a person who has bought before or not in Commissions will be automatically assigned from the Affiliate platform. In the case of errors in the award of commissions, these will be reviewed by the team to ensure that the amount allocated is correct.

Category Existing Customers New customers
Connectivity box 10% 20%
Mounts 10% 20%

[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”AFFILIATE RESTRICTIONS”]Adult sites are not allowed.

Torrent traffic is not allowed.

No streaming sites are allowed.

No dropping cookie allowed.

Inappropriate advertising is not allowed (misleading hyperlinks)

Spamming is not allowed (bulk emails)

Not allowed to post to sites that contain or promote illegal activities

It is not allowed to violate intellectual property rights[/cq_vc_accordion_item][/cq_vc_accordion]

[cq_vc_accordion contentcolor=”#333333″][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”PUBLICATION POLICY”]The promotion of non-existent promotional codes in the name of Yolkvisual is not allowed, nor is it permitted to promote any other Yolkvisual Code existing that is not authorized by our team.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”LINKS ON YOUR SITE”]As an affiliate you are responsible for posting the correct links with the proper tracking. Proper tracking includes UTMs and any other parameters necessary for the sale to be tracked correctly. We are not required to pay commissions if you do not use the links correctly. Affiliate UTMs are only Desktop-friendly and do not work with mobile devices.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”VALIDATION OF SALES”]We will process purchase orders registered exclusively on our platform. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders that are not properly attributed to the channel or have not completed the purchase process.

The validation of transactions will be made 15 days after the end of the month in question (this is because in Yolkvisual there are different payment methods which allow cancellations so the confirmation process takes approximately 15 days.)

The payment of the commissions will be made in a period of between 30 and 60 days once having received the invoice with all the fiscal, accounting and legal data necessary for the realization of the payment.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][/cq_vc_accordion]








Terms of agreement

Affiliate Connectivity Box – This agreement contains the full terms and conditions that apply when participating in our Affiliate Program.

The term “we” will refer to the Yolkvisual Affiliate Program and “you” will refer to the affiliate you are applying. “Site” will refer to a page identified with a specific URL, either your URL, our URL, or an identifiable third. By registering for an account as an Affiliate, you are accepting the terms and conditions specified in this document Affiliate Connectivity Box.

Violation of the terms may result in cancellation of the account and possible loss of affiliate earnings.

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter into this agreement with us.

These terms begin to govern from your registration to the program and will end when you leave it. We may modify these terms at any time by notifying you via an email or a message through the platform.

If you do not agree with any changes we make to this document, you may choose to unsubscribe from the program. If you decide to continue in the program we will assume that you agree with the changes. The suspension of the affiliate depends entirely on us and can be effective with or without prior notice depending on the specific case.

We are not responsible for accidental damages (loss of commissions) due to errors in the crawl, loss of database, etc.

By submitting this application, the member accepts that he has read the terms and conditions, understands them and agrees with them.

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